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Located in Grand Blanc, Le Grand Bistro is More Than Pretty Food

Located in Grand Blanc in the Grand Mall, Le Grand Bistro is more than pretty food. You will find fresh ingredients, meals made from scratch in a European tradition. The atmosphere is pleasant, colorful, inviting, yet casual. On the menu you will find dishes influenced by the French, Greek, Italian, British and All American.

With a dinner menu that changes monthly, brunch served every Sunday and various Gelato flavors featured daily, Grand Blanc’s Le Grand Bistro deserves a place on your list of must visit Michigan Restaurants!


dining in michigan at le grand bistro

This small bistro makes a big impression.

Grand Blanc, Michigan's Le Grand Bistro

Conveniently located in Grand Blanc's Grand Mall

dining in Michigan at le grand bistro

Chocolate Mousse at Le Grand Bistro in Grand Blanc

Delectable Chocolate Mousse

Le Grand Bistro Desserts

Nobody does dessert like Le Grand Bistro

White Wine at Le Grand Bistro

Le Grand Bistro bottles and labels their own wine

Red wine at Le Grand Bistro

Le Grand Bistro has a Grand Wine List

Michigan Restaurant Le Grand Bistro

Le Grand Dining Experience

Dessert at Le Grand Bistro Michigan Restaurant

Le Grand Dessert Menu

Vanilla Bean Creme Brulee

Vanilla Bean Creme Brulee is out of this world!

Michigan Restaurant Le Grand Bistro

Ambiance is a given at Le Grand Bistro

To learn more about Le Grand Bistro in Grand Blanc, Michigan, visit their Michigan Flavor profile page.  To get featured on MichiganFlavor.com, call 248.302.2738 or email dennis@miflavor.com